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Název akceTraining for Advance
Startovné 100kreditů Koupit další
Maximální počet účastníků6
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Místo startu BRNO / 49°13'05.3"N 16°40'50.4"E
Datum24. 08. 2019
Deadline pro odhlášení 23. 8. 2019, 7:30
Start 7:30
Kontakt na pořadatele+420777248595, cam_brno@hotmail.com
What are advance workouts and for whom?

Advance training is focused on training with positive reinforcement. We will continue working to encourage your dog to pull over increasing distance and overpass other dogs without any reaction. We also engage in concentration to make it possible to run with your dog instead of looking around the surroundings. We use a variety of exercises and aids for this.

Advance classes are designed for anyone who would like to train on bigger running intervals and use more complex exercises to aquire more skills with your teammate. About 700% of the training is focused on your dog’s development and 30% on you as a runner.

The workouts are suitable for all dogs who have already joined beginner training and are familiar with pulling, or have bad habits that need to be worked on. 

What awaits us at training:

  • Warming up for both you and the dog

  • Exercise for dogs

  • Running divided into several sections with several different exercises (do not worry, we wait for everyone!)

  • We usually run 5 km approximatively

  • Stretching after a run for you and your running companion


Recommended clothing and equipment:

Wear active clothes, but do not forget to bring extra layers after cooling down. We also recommend taking water for the dog with a bowl and rewards (snacks, toys).

Do not forget the headlamp in the winter!


Rules of training Běhejsepsem.cz

  • Workouts are designed for all dogs older than 12 months
  • Dogs must be on a leash during training. They can only roam around free after discussing it with the instructor and only where the conditions and rules of the city / area allow it
  • The trainings are held in all weather
  • Signing out is possible at least 24 hours before training
  • Upon signing out before the 24-hour period, credit will be fully credited back to your account
  • Signing out less than 24 hours before training is not possible and credits will not be refunded even if you do not participate in the training
  • The training is at your own risk and you are responsible for all damages caused by you or your dog
  • If you have an aggressive, fearful dog or female on heat, let the instructors know