Please read all of our terms of delivery and payment before placing your order.

Our two Mining branch warehouses are located in the Netherlands and Hong Kong depending on the models ordered, your order will be shipped from one of these two logistics centres. 

For processing and delivery times, they are currently 1 working days after confirmation of payment (This time depends on our workload, those of our logistics subcontractors, your payment method and the country of receipt). Certain countries and regions, notably South Africa, Iran, India, Continental Africa, South America and the United Arab Emirates, have slightly longer delivery times.

Noted that payments made in crypto-currencies are directly exchanged in dollars with us, therefore if a refund must be made it will be made on the amount in dollars and not in crypto-currency

Here are the details of our processes and processing times according to the payment method:

For payments by cryptocurrency (Coinbase Commerce), it usually takes one working day to validate the payment..

In order to increase the in transit security of the high-value miner, we are implementing insurance fees with the shipping fees, starting from Jule, 2020. We will use the company name (if not available, then the name of the buyer) as the insured party. Please make sure that the information is correct.


The full purchase price is always paid in advance at the store or website prior to delivery. In all cases, the full purchase amount is expected upon booking and pre-ordering. In this case, the buyer will receive a booking confirmation and prepayment. ( Miners from Netherlands you can check this delivery on a site )
If the buyer does not pay on time, he is in default. If the buyer fails to fulfill his obligations, the seller has the right to suspend the fulfillment of the obligations until the buyer fulfills his payment obligation.
If the buyer fails to fulfill his obligations, the seller proceeds to collection. The costs associated with this commission are the responsibility of the buyer. These collection costs are calculated based on the decision to reimburse out-of-court collection costs, shipping costs, import duties and administrative costs.
In the event of liquidation, bankruptcy, seizure or suspension of the buyer’s payment, the seller’s claims against the buyer are due for immediate payment.
If the buyer refuses to cooperate with the seller in fulfilling the order, he is still obliged to pay the agreed price to the seller.



The buyer is obliged to take delivery of the goods at the time when the seller delivers them or delivers them to him, or at the time when these goods are made available to him in accordance with the agreement.
If the buyer refuses to take delivery or carelessly provides information or instructions necessary for delivery, the seller has the right to keep the goods at the buyer’s expense and risk.
If the item is delivered, the seller has the right to charge a shipping fee.
Should the seller require information from the buyer to fulfill the agreement, the delivery time will begin after the buyer has provided this information to the seller.
Delivery times indicated by the seller are indicative only. This is never a deadline. If the deadline is exceeded, the buyer must notify the seller in writing about the default.
The seller has the right to deliver the goods in parts, unless the parties have agreed otherwise in writing or the partial delivery has no independent value. The seller has the right to invoice these parts separately when shipped in parts.

Mining Containers

We will provide simple consulting of how to connect the container and start the operations if you purchase a container from us, however, we can agree to provide consulting services for you separately.

If you are located in Europe, most likely we will transport the containers by truck. The Mobile Mining Units are built using regular 20ft or 40ft DC or HC shipping containers. Regardless, we can ship the container to any shipping port that’s closest to your location.

In the desire to offer you the most transparent and complete service.

Vybrané Tobiho výsledky

Rok Závod Umístění – Kategorie
2005 ME Běleč n.Orlicí 4.místo – SC1
2005 MR Běleč n.Orlicí2 4.místo – SC1
2006 MS Rastede 2.místo – SC1
2006 ME Bakonybel 4.místo – SC1
2006 MR Tři Studně 3.místo – SC1
2010 ME Falze di Piave 4.místo – SC1
2011 MR Tři Studně 1.místo – SKJ2
2015 M SRN 1.místo  – SC2
2016 ME ECF Nové M.nM 1.místo SC1 (40+)
2016 MR Tři Studně  1. místo – SC2

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